The EU-funded project “EU-CAYAS-NET” will develop a “European Youth Cancer Survivors Network” alongside an interactive virtual platform. The network will foster social networking, peer-support, knowledge-exchange, and aims at improving:

  • the quality of life of survivors (including mental health, education & career support, follow-up care and transition)
  • the care for adolescents and young adults (AYA) with cancer
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) along the whole treatment and survivorship trajectory.

The activities of the project include peer visits, meetings, training, virtual coworking, social media campaigns, webinars, policy recommendations and national and international events. PanCare will lead Task 3.5 on late effects and long-term follow-up care. Within this task we will conduct a survey to identify best practices and lack of long-term follow up-care. Focus groups will be prepared and organized for CAYA cancer survivors, advocates and HCPs to identify needs, preferences
and barriers for the implementation of optimal LTFU care and peer visits will be organised to get insight into models of LTFU care in practice in the Netherlands (PMC), Spain (FJD), (SIOP Europe) and Austria (MUV). Based on these activities key recommendations for the implementation of LTFU care will be described in a roadmap. Previous PanCare projects (PanCareSurFup, PanCareLIFE, PanCareFollowUp, PanCareSurPass etc.) and activities will be connected to the platform that is being developed withing EU-CAYAS-NET including PLAIN language brochures on specific late effects and guidelines for LTFU care.

Duration: Sept 2022 – Aug 2024

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