Here you can find the PanCare PLAIN language summaries. The PLAIN summaries have information about late effects and recommendations for long-term follow-up care for survivors of childhood, adolescent, and young adult cancer (called survivors). These summaries contain information about health problems for survivors, as well as their non-specialist healthcare providers, relatives and friends.

What are Late Effects?

As you know, people diagnosed with cancer need cancer treatments to recover. Cancer treatments damage and kill cancer cells, but can also damage healthy cells. When healthy cells get damaged, this may increase the risk of developing health problems later in life. Future health problems caused by childhood cancer or cancer treatment are called late effects.

What are the PLAIN summaries?

The PLAIN summaries contain information about late effects and recommendations for long-term follow-up care in . Each PLAIN language summary contains a section describing:

  1. The late effect
  2. Who is at higher risk of that particular late effect
  3. Which symptoms and signs you may need to look out for
  4. Which tests you should have and when
  5. What happens if you develop that particular late effect
  6. What else you can do

The PLAIN summaries were developed by the multidisciplinary PanCare PLAIN information group. For most of the late effects that can occur after childhood cancer and cancer treatment, there is a PLAIN summary.

Which PLAIN summaries are relevant for me?

That depends on the type of cancer you had and the cancer treatment you received. You can use our PLAIN search page Find my PLAIN summaries to find the relevant PLAIN summaries for your individual situation. If you prefer to just browse this website instead, you can do so by using the menu bar on the left.

If you have any further questions or if the information in the PLAIN summaries concerns you, please contact your general practitioner or follow-up care specialist.

What are the recommendations in the PLAIN summaries based on?

The PLAIN summaries are based on the PanCareFollowUp guidelines for late effects. These guidelines are based on the IGHG guidelines (International Group for Guideline Harmonisation for Late Effects of Childhood Cancer) and on the consensus (agreement) of different national guidelines.

At the end of each PLAIN summary, you can find a statement that specifies which guidelines the summary is based on.

Info boxes

In the PLAIN summaries you can find so-called info boxes. Theses pop-up boxes provide additional information on terms or phrases used in the PLAIN summaries. You can access info boxes, wherever there is yellow text in the PLAIN summaries. Upon clicking on this yellow text, a pop-up box with the additional information will show up, as shown in the figure below.


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While the PanCare PLAIN information group strives to provide accurate and complete information that is up-to-date as of the date of publication, you can check with your general practitioner or follow-up care specialist if this summary reflects the most up-to-date information available and whether it is relevant for you.

Please do not rely solely on this information. It is best to also seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner if you have questions regarding a specific medical condition, disease, diagnosis or symptom.

No warranty or representation, expressed or implied, is made concerning the accuracy, reliability, completeness, relevance, or timeliness of this information. PanCare has produced the English version and PanCare is not responsible for the translated versions of this summary.

The PanCare materials are free to use for anyone aiming to inform about late effects and long-term survivorship care. However, no financial advantage may be achieved. All communication should reference PanCare and link to the PanCare website.


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