PanCareFollowUp included a pre-implementation study to explore and identify barriers, facilitators and conditions for implementation of the Care intervention at the four clinics participating in the cohort study. A thematic analysis based on the Grol & Wensing (2004) framework for barriers and facilitators for implementation of the Care Intervention was performed.41 As an outcome, an Implementation Strategy with tailored recommendations for the participating clinics was developed, based on both general and specific local factors. Following the cohort study, a post-implementation study was conducted to review and revise the strategy and recommendations, informed by the practical experience of implementing the Care intervention and based on focus group discussions with survivor representatives from CCI Europe, personnel involved in delivering the Care intervention in the clinics of the cohort study (paediatric oncologists, late effect specialists and nurses) and project partners (HCPs and researchers indirectly involved in the cohort study). For both the pre-implementation and post-implementation studies, the CFIR-ERIC Framework was used (Strategy Design – The Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (

As the aim of this Replication Manual is to support future implementation of the Care intervention in new settings, the recommendations below are general, but account for the wide range of scenarios encountered across the four clinics participating in the Care cohort study. Experiences and best practices from the four countries involved in the cohort study are also given below (section 4.3.5).