PanCare is a society registered as a legal entity in the Netherlands on October 2nd 2013. We have obtained charity status under Dutch law. PanCare is led by a Board. The PanCare board protects and carries out the aims of and set the direction for PanCare.

The PanCare board consists of 15 members chosen by the PanCare members and installed during the spring meeting. Every board member is assigned for a period of 3 years. The board has monthly meetings.

The duties of the board are registered in the statues and by-laws. You can find these below:

Every year the General Assembly is organised for all members of PanCare where the activities of the past year and the plans for the upcoming year are being presented.

Financial Report 2022
Minutes General Assembly 2022 (for members).

PanCare is registered in the EU transparency register under number 755773342680-71 .

General Assembly
Annual PanCare meeting
Guideline group
Research group
PLAIN group
Executive committee
Communication committee
Audit committee
Election committee
Symposium committe
15 members
Chair: Katrin Scheinemann
Treasurer: Anna Panasiuk
Secretary: Emma Potter

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