Our mission is to ensure equal access to optimal long-term care and to improve quality of life for every child and adolescent in Europe after their cancer treatment.


Survival rates in childhood cancer are increasing. Although this is a great success, up to 60 to 70% of childhood cancer survivors suffer from cancer- and treatment-related long-term effects that need life-long follow-up care.We are a multidisciplinary pan‐European network of professionals, survivors and their families.

We work on long-term follow-up care, guidelines and are a resource of research based information concerning all late side-effects of cancer treatment. An important aim of PanCare is to work with the European Community to increase awareness and research about childhood cancer survivors.

So, welcome to the PanCare network. Let’s collaborate. All because: cure is not enough.

Empower survivors

to be active participant in their own care and decision-making.

Research late effects

both to conducting it ourself and supporting others

Create guidelines

develop, facilitate implementation and update guidelines for care and well-being

Maintain a network

with professionals, survivors, their families and other stakeholders

Spread awareness

and knowledge about survival after childhood and adolescent cancer

Develop methods

to achieve equal access to long-term care

Increase visibility

and ensure sustainability of the PanCare network.

Create fund strategy

setting up a funding strategy to achieve the mission