Jobs at the Swiss Childhood Cancer Registry

The junior statistician does not necessarily need to talk German, French or Italian, excellent English would be sufficient for this job. The other 3 applicants indeed would need to talk one of the three Swiss languages, to be able to talk to survivors and doctors.

PD Dr. med. Claudia E. Kuehni, MD MSc, FMH (Paediatrics)

  1. Junior statistician or research fellow (50-80%) (76,78 KB)
  2. PhD student in paediatric epidemiology / biostatistics, (research on asthma in children and adolescents) (81,12 KB)
  3. PhD student in paediatric epidemiology / biostatistics (research on long-term outcome of childhood cancer patients) (80,80 KB)
  4. Wissenschaftlicher Projektmanager (50-80%) in P├Ądiatrischer Epidemiologie / Kinderkrebs (46,73 KB)
  5. Assistenzarzt/ Wissenschaftliche Projektmanagerin (50-100%) in P├Ądiatrischer Epidemiologie (25,70 KB)