PanCare Board Elections 2022

The election for the new members of the PanCare board are now open until 08 April 23:59 CEST

5 of the current PanCare board members are at the end of their first term and one of the current board members is stepping down.
This means you can select up to 6 candidates to vote for at these elections.

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Ana Amariutei                            Anna Apel
Edit Bardi                                   Claire Berger
Johanna Blom                            Francesco Felicetti
Thorsten Langer                         Jelena Roganovic
Katrin Scheinemann                   Lorna Zadravec Zaletel

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Voting for the PanCare board elections is closed

Ana Amariutei

I was ten years old and still in school in Romania when I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and it took two years to finish my treatment.

In 2015 I decided to leave my home country and study biomedical science in the United Kingdom. Throughout my BSc and MSc degrees I have been involved in two research projects that focused on (1) developing a new combination therapy for metastatic breast cancer and (2) analysis of functional regeneration of the auditory hair cells. For the first project I was awarded the second prize for the best oral presentation at the Genetics Society Summer Meeting in Edinburgh, in 2018. For the second project I received the Best Master Thesis 2019 award. I am currently undertaking my PhD in Sensory Neuroscience and Gene Therapy and was awarded second prize for the best presentation and experimental plan at the Biomedical Science Symposium in Sheffield in December 2020. At the same time, in the last three years, I was directly involved in the preparation and delivery of the Medical Research Council Festivals for the general public. I was the primary drive for the development of video materials and booklets on Hearing and Hearing Loss.

Since 2010 I’m volunteering with local and international patient support and patient advocacy organisations. My work involves collaborating with patient representatives in all European member states, I participate in European summits, conferences and policy events and I also help in the development of patient related materials such as brochures and infographics.

Since 2019 I am contributing to PanCare’s work as part of the Plain Information Group.

As a young person with a profound background in patient advocacy and survivorship, and someone with a very good and clear understanding of medical and scientific processes, I would be most grateful if you would consider me as a prospective member for the PanCare board.

Anna Apel

I am a childhood cancer survivor, and the President of the Saving Kids With Cancer Foundation. Our new strategy relates to survivorship (there are no LTFU clinics in Poland): creation of a center for LTFU; ensure survivors quality of life, incl. equal medical, psychological support; creation of a nationwide database & cooperation panels with medical centers; exchange knowledge & good practices on European level in cooperation with PanCare.

I have over 14 years managerial experience in strategic advisory, comms., CSR, and stakeholders mgmt. for multinational enterprises. I successfully formulated and implemented strategies, incl. international business relations & Public Affairs goals for Polish development bank. I coordinated co-op. with EBI, EBRD, IMF, World Bank, and managing international business relations (UE, Africa).

I hold a PhD in Corporate Social Responsible. I graduated from Harvard University in sustainable development strategies, and Frankfurt School of Finance and Mgmt. I was co-founder of the first nationwide Gold Ribbon Campaign. I used to work in the European Parliament, and fundraised for NGOs. I also gave a speech with a presentation at the PanCare meeting in October 2021, and contributed to PanCare preparation of a panel for World Cancer Congress in Geneva 2022 on the topic of LTFU, and transition.


Edit Bardi

I am Edit Bardi and I would like to nominate myself to the PanCare Board.

I am working since 1996 as a pediatrician and specialized in pediatric hematolooncology and immunology. I am working in St Anna Childrens Hospital and in Kepler University Clinic, Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine. In Linz, I have opened a new long term follow up clinic for young adults (ZONE Ambulanz) and in Wien I support he long term follow up outpatient clinic for young adults (IONA Ambulanz) also.  My research area was always long term follow up. I defended my Ph.D in the nefrotoxicity in cancer children. I participate(d) 3 PanCare related research project (PCSF, PCFU and PCSP). I am the chair of I-BFM ELTEC Committee, which deals with the toxicity issues in leukemia and lymphoma patients.

I am one of the funding members of PanCare, served the board for a time. I have made a brake, but I am ready again to invest time and energy and serve the survivors in this way also.

Claire Berger

Claire is a full-time consultant in the pediatric oncology haematology department of CHU     St- Etienne in France.

She is a member of the Ethical Committee and was the national coordinator of the long-term follow-up committee of the French Childhood Cancer Society (SFCE) from 2012 to 2019. She participates in the EU-funded consortia-PANCARE LIFE and has been a member of the PANCARE Board since 2019.

To better understand late effects, she is conducting a research program entitled SALTO: Long term follow-up in oncology in the Rhône-Alpes region. The overall aims of SALTO are to evaluate health, fecundity, quality of life, physical activity, and psychological health among survivors.

The last project, the MOOC study, collaborates with medical experts and former patients. In partnership with the French National Registry, this project aims to enhance knowledge of more than 5000 French adolescent and young adult CCS to improve their ability to empower their health and well-being, particularly by helping them organize their follow-up in collaboration with their general practitioner. I would like to propose this MOOC at a European level.

How can I continue my contribution to PanCare? I would like to work on patient care issues (physical, psychological, and social level) and propose my educational sessions.

Yours sincerely.                                                                        Dr. Claire BERGER.

Johanna Blom

Dr. Johanna MC Blom, Associate Professor in Psychobiology and Pediatric and Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Modena; Former Associate Director of the Part-time Graduate Program in Developmental Psychology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA. Coordinator of the long-term follow-up of children with cancer and the use of psychotropic drugs, AIEOP; Member of PANCARE, SIOP, and the International Guideline Harmonization Group (IGHG). Currently, she is involved in the PANCARE workgroup on mental health and neurocognitive late effects. Expert in multidisciplinary behavioral toxicity studies and long-term follow-up of  childhood cancer and other severe and chronic diseases of childhood and adolescence. Currently she studies using innovative data driven dynamic network analysis as a tool to detect, predict, and understand the driving factors of the trajectory that moves a patient from being at risk to full blown pathology especially during adolescence using digital data. With respect to patients, she is the co-coordinator (and winner) of FACILITATE, an Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI2) project of a public/private partnership aimed at creating new legally robust and ethically forward-looking ways to allow patients’ data to be accessed, used, and (re)-used and to generate a partnership with patients at the center of data governance through advanced participatory technologies (budget 6.800.000 EURO).

Francesco Felicetti

Francesco Felicetti serves as senior assistant at the Transition Unit for Childhood Cancer Survivors of the Città della Salute e della Scienza Hospital in Turin (Italy), directed by Enrico Brignardello.

Since the internship before dissertation, in 2008, he has been involved in the long-term follow-up of childhood cancer survivors. After medical degree, he continuously attended at the outpatient’s clinic for childhood cancer survivors, during both his residency in Endocrinology and subsequent Ph.D. in Medical Pathophysiology at Turin University. Alongside clinical activity, Francesco Felicetti is involved in research activity, endocrine late effects and cardiovascular risk after anticancer treatments being his main areas of interest.

Francesco Felicetti attended the previous PanCare meetings in Vienna, Erice and Basel and is currently involved in the organization of the forthcoming PanCare meeting in Turin. He also takes part to the activity of the International Guidelines Harmonization Group (Thyroid Cancer and Metabolic Syndrome guidelines).

Thorsten Langer

CV Prof. Dr. Thorsten Langer, University Luebeck, University Hospital for Children and Adolescents, Germany

Pediatric Oncologist. Member of I-BFM-SG ELTEC since 1995, study chairman “late effects” since 2008 on Germany, national and international studies on late effects after cancer in children and adolescents using multicenter studies designs. Genetic causes of late effects in this cohort, mainly for cardio- and ototoxicity. Interdisciplinary late effects clinics for former children, adolescents and young adults with cancer, linking these national and international late effects clinics.

Attending the PanCare conferences since Lund 2008, part of the PanCare Newsletter Editorial Board 2010 – 2014, PanCareLIFE workpage leader “ototoxicty” 2013 – 2018, cooperation clinic/ beneficiary in PanCareSurPass. Study leader/ partner in G-BA – Innovation fond projects in Germany (VersKik, AELKI, KULT-SH).

Jelena Roganovic

Jelena Roganovic has extensive experience in pediatric oncology, with professional training gained in Italy and the United States. She is the Head of the Division  of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, Clinical Hospital Centre Rijeka, Full Professor tenure in pediatrics and the Head of the Department of Pediatrics at the Faculty of Medicine Rijeka.

Dr Roganovic cooperates closely with parent organizations and regulatory bodies, and plays an active role in a number of professional national and European organizations. Her special interests are late effects of the treatment for childhood cancer and rare tumors in children and adolescents.  She is the Chair of the Croatian group for rare tumors in children and EXPeRT (European Cooperative Study Group for Pediatric Rare Tumors) Board member since 2020.

Dr Roganovic is PanCare Board member since 2019. She hosted PanCare Spring Meeting in Opatija in 2019. Dr Roganović organized the first Late Effects Service in Croatia. She currently participates in many activities that include survivorship care. Her mission is to raise awareness about late effects for survivors of childhood cancer among survivors and their families, physicians and the public in Balkan countries.

Katrin Scheinemann

Prof. Katrin Scheinemann is a pediatric oncologist/ hematologist from Switzerland with a clinical focus and research interest in the area of long term follow up care and survivorship. She is the current PanCare chair since May 2021 and a member of the SIOPE (European Society for Paediatric Oncology) board being responsible for survivorship topics. Internationally she is a member of the newly branded International Symposium on Late Complications after Childhood Cancer (ISLCCC).

Together with the whole PanCare board and further PanCare members, she chaired the very successful education course on “Late Effects in Childhood and Adolescent Cancer Survivors – A Course by PanCare and SIOP Europe” in January 2022.  The education of colleagues within the multidisciplinary survivorship care team but also of patients, families and survivors is one of her priority topics within the next years. Direct care interventions to improve the care of survivors all across Europe is one of the further goals including also more PanCare research projects in a close collaboration with partners across Europe and the globe. To keep the PanCare network alive and growing, membership engagement should also be fostered and new ideas for membership engagement developed. We need all PanCare members to achieve these goals.

Lorna Zadravec Zaletel

“I’m radiation oncologist at the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana in Slovenia. My field of work is planning of radiation treatment in children and adults with cancer and follow-up of Slovenian long-term survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer. I’m an active member of PanCare society from its constitution in 2008 and a PanCare board member with active participation in Communication group.   I’m a president of Foundation “Little Knight”, which is taking care of Slovenian childhood cancer survivors, and I work as a national coordinator of comprehensive rehabilitation of cancer patients in Slovenia. ”