PanCare Board Elections 2021

The second round of the election for the new members of the PanCare Board is now open until 28May 2021 (23:59 CEST).

The first round of the elections ended 9 May 2021. During this election there were 9 candidates on which could be voted.
Out of the 103 people that voted, three candidates were directly chosen for the new PanCare board.
We therefor congratulate Lars Hjorth, Desiree Grabow and Charlotte Demoor-Goldschmidt with their election for the PanCare board.

The fourth open place in the new board is undecided yet as three candidates received the same number of votes. Two of them agree to be candidate for election in a second voting round while one candidate has withdrawn for a second round of voting. The following two nominees are candidate in the second round of voting:

– Andrica de Vries
– Laura Diaco

You can now vote on one of these candidates for this second round of the elections.

Please choose one candidate board member to vote. You have received your Election ID and Election Password by mail.
If you have lost these or have any other questions please send an email to

Your vote will be stored anonymous and the current board nor the election committee we will not be able to identify your vote. The Election ID and Election pass you received will be deleted immediately after the elections.

Voting is closed


Andrica De Vries


Laura Diaco

I mother to an acute lymphoblastic leukemia survivor; my son is currently 15 years old and 7 years off-therapy.

Since 2016, I have volunteered at the NGO Peter Pan (based in Rome and member of FIAGOP – the Italian federation of childhood cancer parents’ associations); in June 2019, I entered the Board of the association.

I am a member of PanCare since 2017.

I recently joined the working group on the Pillar “Survivorhip” within CCI Europe’s Strategic Plan.

In my professional life, I am an environmental biologist and I work in a water company.

Because of my life experience, I have developed a deep interest in all the survivorship issues and priorities, and particularly late effects and long-term follow-up. With a growing number of survivors in Europe, increasing knowledge and awareness, empower the survivors and their families, advocating for their needs and rights is crucial. I believe that together, health professionals, survivors and parents, we can really contribute in improving the quality of life of survivors, by advancing research and the development of comprehensive aftercare for all the survivors.

As a parent, I feel a responsibility to be personally involved and this is the reason why I apply for Pancare’s Board.