Booklet for Hemato-Oncologists        

Case 3 (A, B) - Tachypnea and bilateral peri-hilar interstitial haziness during the induction phase, while in severe aplasia

Child, 1 year old, male, affected by cALL. During induction therapy, at day +63, in severe aplasia (ANC (=absolute neutrophil count) < 500/mm³, duration 7 days), he presented with tachypnea (> 50/min), a dry cough, and fever (38.7°C). Further evaluation revealed decreased O2 saturation. Auscultation was not pathologic, but a chest X-ray showed bilateral perihilar interstitial haziness. As supportive therapy, he received non-absorbable antibiotics and topical antifungals, but no other antimicrobial compounds. One week earlier, a central line had been inserted.

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