Booklet for Hemato-Oncologists        

Case 15 (A, B) - Pain and swelling at the right shoulder during the induction phase including prednisone and L-ASP. Thrombus in the port-a-cath system.

A 15 months old male with intermediate risk pre-B ALL developed a non-specific pain and some swelling of the right shoulder on day 22 of the ALL-BFM 95 induction therapy, while receiving prednisone and L-Asparaginase, 4 doses of 5,000 U/m². The porth-a-cath system, which was placed in the right vena subclavia, when leukemia was diagnosed, appeared to be occluded by a thrombus. The occlusion did not allow the intraluminal administration of Urokinase.

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