PanCare is a society registered as a legal entity in the Netherlands on October 2nd 2013. We have obtained charity status under Dutch law. PanCare is led by a Board. The Board protects and carries out the aims of and set the direction for PanCare.

  • The Chair of PanCare is Helena van der Pal.
  • The Honorary Secretary is Katie Rizvi.
  • The Honorary Treasure is Jaap den Hartogh.
  • The Chair elect of PanCare is Katrin Scheinemann

The PanCare board consists of 15 members chosen by the PanCare members and installed during the spring meeting. Every board member is assigned for a period of 3 years. The board has monthly meetings.

The duties of the board are registered in the statues and by-laws. You can find these below:

Official Dutch Statutes

Statutes translated into English

PanCare By-Laws