IMPORTANT: Application deadline EXTENDED: 10 January 2024

“Cure is not enough” – in 1975 Giulio J. D’Angio had the vision of childhood and adolescent cancer survivors and their long-term follow-up care.

With around 80 % survival of childhood and adolescent cancer, around 500,000 survivors live in Europe today and the number is increasing. At least two-thirds experience long-term health-related challenges. What are the late physical and psychosocial effects? What are their risks and contributing factors? When and how to talk about them?

These are the questions we will address together during the meeting by implementing different perspectives from an inter- and multidisciplinary team of late effects specialists and patient advocates across Europe.


This course is open to European healthcare professionals and patient advocates with an interest and at the beginning of their professional career in Late Effects and Survivorship Care after childhood and adolescent cancer. Please see the course eligibility criteria here.