Abstract submission

You can submit your abstract to present at the PanCare meeting in Ghent, Belgium by completing the form below.
Abstract sessions will be interactive, selected abstracts will either be presented by an invited talk or in a speed-dating session.

Please submit your abstract by 4 July 2023 23:59 CEST.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Abstracts regarding research should follow the structure of the form (Background, Aim, Methods, Results, Conclusion).
  • Abstracts regarding projects or initiatives should describe the purpose and results of the particular project.
  • Previously presented work has to show new content to be accepted.
  • The abstract should be clear and short, written in English.
  • The abstract should contain no more than 250 words, and a maximum of 1 table and figure.
  • Scientific abstracts will be judged on fixed points by the abstract committee.

If you have any questions please send an email to office@pancare.eu

Submit your abstact:

Abstract submission is closed, it is no longer possible to submit your abstract.