Gisela Michel

Associate Professor in Health and Social Behaviour, University of Lucerne.

Gisela is an active member of PanCare since the the meeting in Modena in 2009. She was a PanCare Board member from 2012 till 2019. She has organised the 14th meeting in Lucerne in 2014. She holds a PhD in Psychology and is a licenced Health Psychologist.
In 2004 she started working in the Swiss Childhood Cancer Registry (University of Bern), where she soon was involved in the establishment of a large survivor cohort for the Swiss Childhood Cancer Survivor Study(SCCSS). She spent two years at the University of Sheffield, UK, working in projects on follow-up care after childhood cancer. Back in Switzerland Gisela continued with this topic focusing on preferences for the organization of follow-up care in survivors, parents and clinicians.

Since 2013, She is an associate professor at the University of Lucerne where she continues her research in childhood cancer survivors and their family.
Gisela works on various  project focusing on the needs for psychosocial care of survivors, health and well-being in parents and grandparents of childhood cancer patients and survivors, the needs for support in bereaved parents, and the development of guidelines for psycho-social follow-up car in survivors. In addition, with the University of Lucerne Gisela is also actively involved in the PanCareFollowUp project.