Charlotte Demoor


Radiotherapy oncologist  and long term follow up consultation, Centre François Baclesse, Caen
Long terme follow-up consultations, paediatriconcologic and  haematologic department , CHU Angers, Angers
Epidemiological and Public health researcher, Inserm U1018, Villejuif

Charlotte is a paediatric radiotherapy oncologist who is really involved in long term folow-up care and research. She is particularly involved: in second malignant neoplasms studies, in the development of different tools which could help the organization of long-term follow-up (LTFU) and developed several dedicated consultations in different cities in France.

She is involved in different national cohorts : Pedia-RT (radiotherapy treatments of all children in France), FCCSS (Unit Inserm 1018), LEA (leukemia), and is the coordinator of the French programme called DeNaCaPST, since 2013, which promotes the breast and thyroid cancer screening for childhood, and young adult cancer survivors.
Charlotte is also really involved with former patients and is since June 2020 in the scientific committee of the association, Les Aguerris, and in regular link with the association On Est Là.
She is the co-chairwoman of the long term follow-up committee of the SFCE (Société Française des Cancers de l’Enfant) since 2018 and is member of PANCARE since 2015. Charlotte participates in several harmonization of guidelines.

Involved in the following committees: Pancare Board