Ana Amariutei

United Kingdom
Survivora, Youth Cancer Europe patient advocate, Biomedical science PhD student.

  1. Please introduce yourself to the PanCare membership and tell us a little about yourself.

  My name is Ana and I am a cancer survivor, a Youth Cancer Europe patient advocate and a biomedical science PhD student.

  1. Can you tell us why you think it is important to have childhood cancer survivors on the board?

I believe it is important to have childhood cancer survivors on the board because this allows us to learn from other patient’s experiences and identify easier what the patient needs are and the ways in which we can best address them. One of my core beliefs is that childhood cancer patients deserve someone to speak up for them, to protect them, to make them heard and to stand up for them.

  1. Are you involved in any of the PanCare projects? If so can you tell us a little about your work with them.

I volunteer in the PanCare PLAIN group and help with the implementation of follow-up brochures. These brochures are especially designed for cancer patients who finished their treatment and may experience late effects. The lay summaries will allow survivors to be informed, to gain independence, to manage their own health and to feel empowered. The tragedy of having cancer cannot be undone but the additional worries after finishing treatment can be reduced and minimised.

  1. What do you hope to help the board achieve during the 3 years your 3 year term as a board member?

My goal is to help PanCare in achieving its goal of providing the best care for cancer survivors everywhere in Europe. To do this, I would like to:

  • Contribute to PanCare’s mission on identifying ways to improve patient’s long-term health and ways in which to sustain survivor’s recovery
  • Further strengthen PanCare’s focus on activities for patients benefits
  • Aid in the development of an engagement plan for and encourage the collaboration between patient organisations and PanCare