Hanne Lie

Country: Norway
Profession: Associate Professor in Behavioural Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo

Hanne has been a member of PanCare since 2017. She has a PhD in experimental psychology and has worked as an Associate Professor in Behavioural Medicine,
Faculty of Medicine at the University of Oslo, Norway, since 2018.

The main focus of Hanne’s research since 2010 has been childhood cancer survivors (CCS), follow-up care, patient and parents’ needs and clinical communication, with a special interest in providing information about late effects to young survivors. In her research, Hanne uses large-scale questionnaire studies, qualitative interviews and co-creation. Current projects investigate self-management of fatigue in adolescent CCS, physical activity interventions for young survivors (see www.PACCS.no), and interventions to improve transitions off treatment to follow-up and from paediatric to adult survivorship care. Hanne also contributes to the work done by the IGHG to harmonize guidelines for the follow-up care of CCS (fatigue and health behaviour groups).

Hanne is passionate about empowering survivors and their families to navigate life after cancer in the best possible ways, and works with the Norwegian Childhood Cancer Association to do so.