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Twelfth PanCare Meeting, Amsterdam 2013



12th PanCare Meeting Amsterdam Agenda

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12th PanCare Meeting Amsterdam, October 1-2, 2013 - Invitation 

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Session 1 - PanCare General & Updates EU-studies:                                                                

Lars Hjörth - PanCareSurFup and updates

Julie Byrne/Peter Kaatsch - PanCareLife and updates

Riccardo Haupt - Update ENCCA & Survivorship passport

Alex Brownsdon - SurvivorNet Update

Lars Hjörth - Future and on-going projects for PanCare

Session 2 - Screening and young investigators:

Gisela Michel - The Swiss Childhood Cancer Survivor Study SCCSS

Raoul Reulen - Questionnaires UK - British Childhood Cancer Survivor Study (BCCSS)

Ellen Kilsdonk - General health and lifestyle of Dutch CCSs: an evaluation using the DCOG LATER questionnaire

Tanya Urquhart - What are the lived experiences of young adult survivors of teenage & young adult cancer to receiving a copy of their survivorship care plan?

Vera Morsellino - Prevalence and risk factors for metabolic syndrome among adolescents childhood cancer survivors

Julien Caccia - Cardiovascular problems in survivors of childhood cancer and their siblings

Morven Brown - Long-term psychosocial outcomes after childhood cancer: a pilot study

Session 3 - Social outcomes in childhood cancer survivors:

Angela de Boer - Occupational outcomes in childhood cancer survivors

Martha Grootenhuis - WAJONG: Developmental trajectory of young adult survivors with a disability benefit

Andrica de Vries - Dutch guideline occupational health after childhood cancer

Anita Kienesberger - Youth and their Future

Gill Levitt - Do survivors have the same opportunities for employment and leisure activities as their peers?

Rod Skinner - Social outcomes guidelines

Session 4 - Radiotherapy and PanCare general:

Judith Kok - Overview of methods to quantify radiation dose in late effects studies and relevance for survivorship care

Irma van Dijk - The use of equivalent dose to evaluate late effects  in relation to radiation therapy

Normann Willich - Prospective data collection in modern paediatric radiation oncology for radiation doses acute and late effects


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