PanCare Board

The 1st PanCare Board was elected on October 1, 2011.  The Board was renewed in April, 2013 and again in May, 2015

Name Country Profession
Edit Bárdi Hungary Paediatric Oncology
Julianne Byrne Ireland Epidemiology
Amilia Tsirou Greece Survivor
Desiree Grabow Germany Cancer Registry
Mike Hawkins England Epidemiology
Jaap den Hartogh Netherlands Survivor
Katie Rizvi Romania Other professional/Advocacy
Tomas Kepak Czech Republic Paediatric Oncology
Gill Levitt England Paediatric Oncology
Gisela Michel Switzerland Psychology and Cancer Registry
Heleen van der Pal Netherlands Medical Oncology
Monica Terenziani Italy Paediatric Oncology
Riccardo Haupt Italy Paediatric Oncology/Epidemiology
Rod Skinner England Paediatric Oncology
Lars Hjorth Sweden Paediatric Oncology

We express our gratitude to all former board members for their service.